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Vernel Soft Fabric Conditioner: Made for Hugging

"Sometimes a hug is all you need to make you feel better"

I love to hug.
Hugging is one of my ways to express my affection. Hugging makes me feel healthier and happier. It lowers my stress and it is a therapy for me and my son too.
One day I asked my son why he loves to hug me, he answered "Mama Dora... soft" .
I think he is referring to my skin and also my clothes that I am wearing too!
Me and my son is sensitive to touch and smell that is why in choosing the right fabric conditioner I make sure that it would not only soften the clothes but also the scent should be mild also.
My family's favorite fabric conditioner is Vernel Soft Fabric Conditioner. We've been using it since 2011. We make sure that it is always included in our grocery list.

What I like about this product is it has Soft Touch Technology. Our clothes, linens and fabrics becomes more soft and hugging becomes better because this fabric conditioner is "made for hugging".

The scent is mild but …