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#dimsummit2015 - Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2015

Okay. I confess. I am a social media addict. I check my social media accounts most of the time. I am checking it not only for personal reasons but also for business as an Online Lead Generator. Yes, I am doing business using social media and I think most of my friends and colleagues would agree to me that using social media have changed their lives!

Even traditional media have embraced social media to reach out, engage and interact with readers and viewers. Because now, everything is online. Even celebrities has a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account that they use to express themselves and keep people updated on what's going on . One of the the example is Eat Bulaga. Traditional Media had a cross over to Social Media. Okay, I admit I've been following ALDUB, the "Accidental love Team" or what we call the the MAIDEN or "Love Team Made in Heaven". Imagine, breaking the twitter record history for having 25.6M Tweets in just 24 hours! Wow! They really have a s…