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What does a Working Mom Do?


iblog9: a Mommy Blogger experience

I think this is a confession... I stayed away from social media connections this summer 2013. I just want to enjoy my summer with my son and enjoying summer under the sun!

When summer break is almost over, I checked my email, FB, Twitter...and I was very surprised because lots of people is sending their messages and most of them were very important.

1. Email from my boss about a training and workshop that I should attend out of town
2. Get-together invitation from my UST college friends
3. Message from a lawyer
3. Appointment from my Professor
5. Message from Ms.Janette Toral

Oh my God! It's like my world turned upside down! I missed many activities that I should attend! Grrrr!  I almost missed the iblog9! An event that any bloggers shouldn't miss. Good thing I still have one week left to prepare for it.

LESSON: In this digital age and as a 21st century Mommy... Always check all your email and other social media connections. 

Anyway, in preparing my presentation I made a survey to Momm…