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Lessons learned from my Little Mr.Sunshine

Never thought that my "Open letter" would became viral. All I wanted is to express my thoughts and opinions through my blog.

Here's my life lessons from my Little Mr. Sunshine.

1. Have your child assessed by a professional.

2. Choose the best school wisely. Think more than once when choosing school.

3. Do a background check of the school. Check the positive and negative feedback from the parents and students.

4. Stand and speak upif you think you are right.

5. Reflect.

6. Accept.

7. Forgive. We've been hurt. I am lucky I have my parents who advised me that the healing power of forgiveness allows us to truly move on.

8. Move on and look forward.

For those who read and shared my blog post through their Facebook timeline, commented and emailed me...Thank you for supporting and believing in me and my son.

I just want the whole world to know that I love my son so much and I will stand and fight for him no matter what happens. 

Kaming Mag-Ina... we've been through a lot. Mula noon…

An Open Letter to the Basic Education Department of University of Perpetual Help Molino Campus

June 27, 2014

I am a parent of a Kinder1 student in University of Perpetual Help Molino Campus. I would like to express my DISGUST when you let him attended school for only eight (8) days. In your observation, he is hyperactive, full of energy, won't sit still, feels agitated, doesn't want to write, doesn't join in the group, doesn't follow commands or instruction, always wanted to go outside, grabs the food of his classmates, difficulty with verbal communication, disruptive behavior. In short, in your eyes, he is a "PROBLEM CHILD".

It appears you had difficulty understanding my son, and being her responsible mother, who may clearly see his flaws and weaknesses, yes, he is hyperactive and has difficulty with verbal communication but he is sweet, affectionate and a capable learner.

Back in summer, when I inquired in your school, you were so accommodating (looks can be deceiving). You told me that you have limited slots for Preschool. Each  class will have a maxim…