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Make Brushing More Fun With Minions

Whenever you get your picture taken during "selfies" or "groufies" and you smile, do you open your mouth and show your teeth? When you see the picture above, (our photo)  you see a happy mom and son looking back at you. We are a happy person sending positive vibes to everyone! We love to smile and I am proud to say that we have healthy teeth. 

Here's the 5 Tips on HOW to make brushing more fun with your kids
1. Use visual guides.  My son is a visual learner, I use this graphic to break down a task. I laminate and tape up a graphic like this next to the sink he uses.

2. Storytelling.  One of our bonding moments is storytelling. My son loves this book because it tells about the importance of oral hygiene. 

3. Sing-along and brush with your kids.  "If you want a nice big smile, then you must brush." This educational video has catchy lyrics and rhymes that makes brushing more fun. 

4. Repetition. Good oral hygiene should start at an early age. As a parent, we hav…

Zoomanity Group and DibZ Partnership

The Theme Park giant- Zoomanity Group with its CEO, Robert Laurel Yupangco just signed a partnership with the newest revolutionary parking App in the Philippines, DibZ. Zoomanity Group that’s composed of different theme parks and Restaurants in the Philippines like Zoobic Safari, Zoocobia, Zoocolate Thrills, Paradizoo, Residence Inn, Misono Japanese Restaurant, Jinsei, Nanten, Midori and Yakitori Daitokyo. DIBZ is a mobile app that is bringing convenience to drivers in Metro Manila! With Dibz, drivers can search for and reserve an available parking space and its guaranteed that it’s available when you arrive. No more circling the block in search for parking, no more waiting for other cars to vacate a parking, no more scramble for loose change and lost parking tickets! All payments are made cashless. Dibz also operates an on-demand mobile valet service in selected areas for when you are in a hurry and just don’t have the time to park your own car or when the nearest parking space is far f…