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Isang Harding Papel : a children's book on Martial Law

"My countrymen, as of the twenty-first of this month, I signed Proclamation № 1081 placing the entire Philippines under Martial Law...” — Ferdinand Marcos, September 21, 1972

How do you tell a story to your children about Martial Law in the Philippines? How do you tell them about what happened in the EDSA People Power Revolution?Ikwento natin sa kanila ang kasaysayan.

Most of us, parents wants to shelter our kids from the harsh realities of life. But a Filipino writer wants to give kids a taste of life's harsh truth through a children's book.

Isang Harding Papel written by Augie Rivera and illustrated by Romel Joson is a story set during the Martial Law through the eyes of Jenny, a young girl's experience of visiting her mother, a political detainee imprisoned for years after joining a protest rally.

Isang Harding Papel book trailer

The story also presents a childhood defined and redefined in difficult times and it also depicts how love and family triumph over darkness.