A letter to my son on his 1st birthday

February 24, 2011
12:00 am, valdez room

My Luigi Miguel,

Today is your very first birthday and I look down at you as you sleep in my lap. I fall in love with you deeper and deeper each and every day.

I remember so clearly meeting you for the first time, which was one year ago today. The doctor pulled you out and held you up, and when I saw you for the first time, you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! You cried and it made momma cry because I had waited so long to meet you and hear that sound. I held you in my arms and said, “Hi son!” and you looked right in my eyes and stopped crying. It was the most magical moment of my entire life. In that moment, I knew I was your mother and you were my son and you would change my life forever…

And now a year has passed since that amazing day. In this incredible year, I saw your very first smile, heard your first giggles, and I cheered you on when you began to roll for the first time. I cheered and cried as you struggled to crawl because I was so proud and amazed at how far you’d come. You came into this world, 7 lbs and 4 oz…a tiny little baby, so pink and soft, so innocent and dependent and absolutely perfect in every way. And now, you are a little boy…24 lbs, laughing, talking, waving…charming every person who is lucky enough to meet you. You are standing on your own and learning your first steps, you are one today, but beginning a journey—A journey that will take you in many different directions and teach you many things. As I sit here and watch you cautiously take your first of many steps in life, I think of the man I hope you’ll become and that I will do anything under the sun to be a good mother to you and help guide you in your journey through childhood and into adulthood. Your name LUIGI MIGUEL means “famous warrior, who resembles God,” your Poppa and I chose that name for you because we hope to raise you to be an honorable man someday, and with the integrity, strength, and spirit of a true warrior-- someone who stands up and fights for what they believe in.

   You have developed into such an amazing little person already. You are the sweetest, most loving child I’ve ever met. You are kind and gentle-hearted. You are so smart and very calculated…I like to call you “my little perfectionist.” I know in my heart there are big things ahead for you. They say the eyes are a window to a person’s soul and you’ve got the most breath-taking eyes. You have a gentle and wise spirit already…my little “old soul.” You have made this world a better place for being in it and I feel so honored to have been chosen to be your mother.

You melt my heart every time you smile, and when you lay your head on my shoulder after a long day…it helps make the world right again. Never in my life have I been so excited to wake up…it’s because I get to wake up next to you, my angel. I look so forward to when you wake up and seeing your precious, smiling face and I am excited for what the day might hold for the two of us.

Tomorrow we both have to start a new chapter in our lives. I have to go back to work. I have to go back to work in order to help make sure we have all the things we need. It breaks my heart to think about leaving you but I know this year being at home with you has been the greatest gift I ever could’ve asked for. This last year has been an amazing journey. It has been the most rewarding, incredible, special time in my whole life. I will cherish the experience of your first year of life in a special way, and treasure it always in my heart.

Words cannot express how much I love you, my prince, my precious son. You are my sunshine, my heart, my purpose for being—my everything. I’m so very proud of you and honored to be your Momma. This last year has been filled with priceless memories and I look forward to so many more to come.


Momma Dang
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