Letter for my sister Japs on her birthday

June 6, 2012
11:30 pm

today is my little sister's birthday.
and as such, today's post is dedicated to her  
and to that beautiful thing called sisterhood.

happy birthday, beautiful Japs!
The blushing bride
by the way, do i not have the MOST gorgeous sister ever?!

{okay, this is not good - i'm already crying...}

Dear Bing,
Today is your birthday. 
I remember the day you were born. i was only five years old. But even though I was a toddler, I just knew you were a little breath of heaven. The day Mama and Papa brought you home from the hospital, I kissed you on the head and I've loved you since that moment.

I remember thinking you had the littlest hands I'd ever seen. Although come to think of it, mine were probably not much bigger... but that's how it was. I was your big sister, and you were my little baby. But soon, you became my friend...and my best friend. 
And man, did we have fun.
Remember how we loved kittens, puppies, ducks and chickens? (We had a mini Zoo!)

I remember how you always happily let me set up shop and do your hair, even when I was a little too bossy about it. I am your hair stylist who always cuts your hair. I remember how Mama was so mad at us when she saw your new hairstyle but then we just laughed at it.

Remember how I loved playing as a teacher and you are my student. Teaching you how to read, write, sing and dance.  I would give my right arm to go back in time and do that for just ten minutes.

Remember how we used to laugh? we laughed so hard in those days, our tummies hurt. I can still laugh with you like nobody else. and i love that.

Kupido @ Chocolate Hills, Bohol.

And all through the years, you were the only one i could just be normal and real with. We were the only ones who really understood. And it was okay, because we had our secret language - that glance and look. We could read each other's thoughts without putting them into words.

I loved going out of town with you. Remember our land, air and water trips?

Water fun at Hundred Island, Pangasinan

Going to Puerto Galera, Mindoro

SFC Recon at Camarines Norte

SFC ICON at Clark Expo, Pampanga

at Magellan's Cross, Cebu.

Sun bathing at Puerto Galera, Mindoro
Christmas photo shoot
Kulitan preggy shoot. My son is bouncing and kicking because of  your naughtiness!

I remember, back then, the day I lost the first guy I ever cared about. He walked out the door, never to be seen again. I called you up, ask you to come over even in the late hours of the night, first thing - and before i even shed a tear, found you sitting beside me, crying your eyes out for me. and then I laid down, put my head in your lap and had my first real, long, heart-wrenching cry over a boy. You just stroked my hair and told me everything would be okay.

And remember that day, just six months ago, when I helped you slip on that white satin dress? You were the most beautiful bride i have ever seen. You left everybody speechless

Mr.Francois Azur, the man who captured my sister's heart.

And you said "i do" to the man of your dreams. remember when we hugged, with tears in our eyes, and said goodbye to our girlhood years together? but we knew - the best is yet to come.

I'm sorry i wasn't always the greatest friend to you. I wish sometimes I could go back and savor every moment we played together ... the simple songs we sang together in harmony - for no reason but because it made us smile. and i wish i could go back to the nights when we were just room mates ... because i miss being able to call out into the darkness, "are you asleep?" and hearing your sweet voice answer back, "no. are you?"

You are precious to me, Titha Bing.

there is something magical about sisterhood.
it's unlike any other friendship or relationship.
it's a kindred-spirit, best-friend bond that can never be broken,
and it grows more beautiful with time.

all my love and a kiss
(just like the one when we first met)


your ate Rhoda.



for those beautiful ones reading along...
go today and hug your sisters -
whether real sisters of friend sisters.
and embrace this beautiful thing called sisterhood.

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