Me and my Parenting philosophy

Me and my Parenting Philosophy

1. I’m the mother of a boy born in 2010

2. I believe firmly in attachment parenting and find that this approach is very intuitive to me. This means that I breastfeed, babywear, and co-sleep. I do not spank or let my child “cry it out”.

3. I am a working mom. Balancing career, work, studies and taking care of my child and home is not an easy task. But I am enjoying every minute of it.

4. I am religious and will be raising my child in my religion.

 5. I care about the environment and try to make choices in parenting and life with the environment in mind.

6. I enjoy nature and the outdoors and want my child to spend a lot of time outdoors being physically active too.

7. I am considering doing a PhD in corporate social responsibility and consider issues related to consumer ethics when deciding which products to buy for my family.

8. I respect my child. I treat them with him with the same respect as adults and do not belittle him.

 9. I believe in diversity. I want my child to be exposed to people from different cultures, different generations, different sexual orientations, and different levels of income.

10. I read to my child. I believe that books can open up new worlds. Most of my reading right now is children’s literature.

11. I am not a martyr. I know that I need some time to myself to recharge. I enjoy coffee breaks while at work. I enjoy participating in team sports. I am addicted to a few TV shows and like unwinding on-line.
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