When God closes the door, He opens the window

Luigi waiting for me by the window

When God Closes a Door, He Opens a Window

I guess He does. Except sometimes it is hard to see beyond the closed door. And we go banging our heads on it. And end up getting hurt with a bump on the head. And still being stuck behind the closed door.

But if we just look around we may see the light coming through the window. And while it may not be the way we wanted to go, it still might be more refreshing than being stuck in a dark room.

Since I've been staring at the closed door for way too long I decided to have a peek through my window and here's what I see:

  • Being a mother.
  • Being able to get a job you want.
  • Being able to take time off every weekend to go on holidays, from the mountains to the beach.
  • Being able to spend a lot of time with my son who is absolutely adorable and becoming “gwapo”
  • Being able to wake up every morning.

Being able to see beyond the closed door....and seeing the window that is bringing light into my life.


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