On Motherhood

Motherhood is about accepting
the limitations of time and energy,
which stretch beyond you, 
even if sometimes it feels
they could consume you.
Search for and hold on
to your own true self. 
If you lose that,
what kind of mother can you be?
Things are always changing,
no matter how much we might
want things to stay the same.
You could take a picture
of your kids every single day,
and every single day,
they'd just be getting older.
That's a fact.
A heartbreaking fact.
But still a fact.
So seize your days
and dwell in them fully.
Look to your children
because they know how to inhabit
brief periods of time
with extreme passion.
And for nothing more, really,
than the sake of those moments.
They can help you remember that,
if you only slow down and let them.
Feel fortunate because chances
are good you actually might be.
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