Luigi's Gymboree Experience

Can I brag for a minute? ;-)

You know how they say that if you carry your baby all the time, they will grow to be too dependent on you? You know how they say that if you do extended breastfeeding, they will be too "attached" and too "needy"? You know how they say that co-sleeping will prevent them from ever learning independence?

Well, I did all those things with my child (and still do some!) 

One of Luigi's Fairy Godmother Titha Japs (yes, i call her that because she is so nice to us since Day 1 of my pregnancy), gave his passes for Gymboree. So I took him to Gymboree Alabang for his PLAY and LEARN session.

When I put him down, he ran off and started playing.. the teacher said, " Tell Nanay- bye!" But he was too busy exploring. When I spied on him half-way through he was climbing and sliding and playing away. When I came to pick him up, the teacher told me, " Wow! He was amazing! Most kids are screaming and crying when their moms drop them off.. and this was his first day!"

Luigi is so happy and excited running, sliding and climbing here and there. It was really fun watching him though. Thank you so much Fairy Godmother Titha Japs!

PS. Luigi is looking forward for his next session - ART CLASS!


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