Mommy blogger in #Iblog9

I am very excited to this year's iBlog not only because I am one of the speakers but also this is my first time to attend in a blogging event in the Philippines and I am looking forward to make more friends in the blogging community.

I've been wanting to attend to this event ever since, but due to my hectic schedule... I wasn't able to do so. This time, I won't let it pass.

I'm used to speaking with students, co-employees, teachers and librarians ( Oh by the way,  I am a blograrian too! ( But this time, I'll be speaking in front of the bloggers... so somehow it makes me feel nervous. 

I am neither a Professional blogger nor a Professional Parent who has a PhD in Parenting. But I will speak as a Mother who has a passion in blogging.

                                                video by Ben Francia

**To Ben Francia, thank you for this. Where did you get my pics? I was preggy that time hahaha! (Wearing my favorite Eraserheads shirt! It's a Rockstar Mama theme) But you certainly made my day!

Please sign up if you want to attend to this event:


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