iblog9: a Mommy Blogger experience

I think this is a confession... I stayed away from social media connections this summer 2013. I just want to enjoy my summer with my son and enjoying summer under the sun!

When summer break is almost over, I checked my email, FB, Twitter...and I was very surprised because lots of people is sending their messages and most of them were very important.

1. Email from my boss about a training and workshop that I should attend out of town
2. Get-together invitation from my UST college friends
3. Message from a lawyer
3. Appointment from my Professor
5. Message from Ms.Janette Toral

Oh my God! It's like my world turned upside down! I missed many activities that I should attend! Grrrr!  I almost missed the iblog9! An event that any bloggers shouldn't miss. Good thing I still have one week left to prepare for it.

LESSON: In this digital age and as a 21st century Mommy... Always check all your email and other social media connections. 

Anyway, in preparing my presentation I made a survey to Mommy bloggers and I am so thankful that they agreed to be part of my survey. Some of them even sent their messages to me and made a suggestions to improve my presentation.

Thank you to all Mommy bloggers who answered my inquiries. I cannot do it without you.

Before I started my presentation I taught them an action song (My son's favorite song) and I could say that the bloggers go crazy with Gwiyomi too. :)

deliberatelymom talks about the rise of the Mommy bloggers

Here's my slide presentation
Feel free to download my presentation, the last slide are my active online accounts so feel free to connect with me. (I promise I won't hybernate again). I'd love to hear from you and exchange ideas.

We have limited time for presentation so I'd like to clarify and discuss some of it:

  • Seventy (70) Mommy bloggers answered the survey 
  • 62 % of Mommy Bloggers are College graduate 
  • 31% have been running their blog for 2-5 years
  • 23% an average of 10,001-25,000 visitors blog attract per month 
  • 46 % updating their blog several times a week 
  •  Majority of them made their personal choice on what content to publish on blog 

I also asked follow up question (it’s like a Ms.Universe question)

As a Filipino Mommy blogger, how can your blog contribute to the society? To the country, leaders and citizenry?

 I got interesting answers from them! WORLD PEACE! Hehe! (Just joking!)
Here's some of their answers:
  •   I give tips on child rearing, including raising teens as well. I share ideas on developing and nurturing our children. Eventually, raising them well will have a big impact in our society. (Marissa Bautista-Bulatao)
  •  By empowering women who want to start their own businesses. (Ginger P. Arboleda)
  • My blog contains events and issues concerning my country, by that, I'm able to send out my message and raise awareness to the world. On my end, I hope that can somehow help make a difference and improvements. (Geline Antoinette Cabrera)
  •  I am a pro-breastfeeding and babywearing mama and I am trying to practice attachment parenting, so I guess my blog could contribute to our society by sharing my personal experiences as a breastfeeding and babywearing mama. I want to inspire other moms to breastfeed and let them know the benefits of breastfeeding to their babies. I would also like to inspire others to babywear because I believe that when a baby is near his/her mom, the baby feels more secure thus making him a better person when he grows up (Van)
  •  Be a responsible blogger, share things and ideas that would uplift moms, moms-to-be, wives, and anyone who reads my blog. (Michelle Roldan)
  •   Through supporting different advocacies ,writing good and virtuous content and by bringing positive vibes (Kriztine Mendoza)
 I ended my presentation with a quote "Of all the rights of women, being a MOTHER is the best of them all"

Let me share a couple of posts from my audience quoting me. (from twitter)

I am humbled to meet bloggers in this event. Hey, this is my first time in a blogging event. I had an information overload.

To the iblog organizers, continue your advocacy. I gain new insights. I thought blogging and bloggers is for techie and elite people. Hindi pala. I am  very honored that I am one of your speakers in the event. (To think that I am still learning the ropes of blogging)

To the bloggers, continue blogging. Be responsible blogger. Let your voices be heard not only to the bloggers but also to the community and society. Let us support different advocacies.

See you at iblog10!

iblog9 participants

PS. iblog9 is a good premonition for me. The next time I'll step on the stage of UP Malcolm Theatre... I'll be wearing my SABLAY! #UPDiliman #Iska #Iskolar ng Bayan #Thesis #UPSablay


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