An Open Letter to the Basic Education Department of University of Perpetual Help Molino Campus

June 27, 2014

School, PE and University Uniform

I am a parent of a Kinder1 student in University of Perpetual Help Molino Campus. I would like to express my DISGUST when you let him attended school for only eight (8) days. In your observation, he is hyperactive, full of energy, won't sit still, feels agitated, doesn't want to write, doesn't join in the group, doesn't follow commands or instruction, always wanted to go outside, grabs the food of his classmates, difficulty with verbal communication, disruptive behavior. In short, in your eyes, he is a "PROBLEM CHILD".

It appears you had difficulty understanding my son, and being her responsible mother, who may clearly see his flaws and weaknesses, yes, he is hyperactive and has difficulty with verbal communication but he is sweet, affectionate and a capable learner.

Back in summer, when I inquired in your school, you were so accommodating (looks can be deceiving). You told me that you have limited slots for Preschool. Each  class will have a maximum of 15 students, with one head teacher and one assistant teacher so that you have an appropriate balance of student abilities. 

You assessed my son to know if he is ready for school... you made him write, trace and color. You told me with a smile, "Ma'am, okay na po. Pasado na si Luigi." 

I even received a text from you reminding me of his enrollment fees.

So I reserved my slot, enrolled him, paid his tuition fee in full, bought his uniform, books, shoes, bags and school supplies. My son is so excited because he will now go to school. 

All is set for school.


The first day of preschool is an exciting day of my child's life. It is also quite stressful for him because this is a new environment, new classmate, new teachers, first experience of separation with us. He is anxious. But, he is learning to adjust in his new "second home".

I am not surprised when I received a request of Parent-Teacher Conference with you, because for me this is a good sign to have a communication with the teachers about the behavior of my son.

I even told you to please wait for the diagnosis of my son. He has a scheduled check up this July 28. For the meantime, let him go to school.


I received a note from the adviser that Dr. Arguelles, BED principal wanted to talk to me about my son. You observed that he is not ready for school, hyperactive and disruptive behavior, and with the number of students you have... you cannot manage him.

I am wondering.. why the hell you accepted him in this school when you cannot manage him? There is an assessment right? I just discovered that the one who assess my son is not a psychologist or a teacher but only a TEACHER AIDE! So, how did you assess my son?

Why letting him enroll, accept the payment and then telling me now that you do not have a mainstreaming policy? And you are sorry, you cannot meet the needs of my son?

It seems you cannot wait for the diagnosis of his developmental pedia. You already gave up on him.

Why  telling me that you will only accommodate a maximum of 15 pupils in the class but as of June 27, they are 21 pupils in the class? How can you manage that number of students?

In a matter of 8 days, you are tired of my son? Natatakasan kayo? You let him play alone in the playground without a teacher/teacher aide to watch over him? What happen if there's an accident?

For your relief, I would like to inform you that I am withdrawing my son from your school. The school is not secure.  The school is not also a child-friendly environment.


What makes it worst is when the Accounting Department told me that it would take months before I could claim the refund because the one who would sign it is on maternity leave. This is too much!

I discussed it with Dr. Rayel, the School Director, but sadly, he said there is nothing he can do because  the forms will be delivered to University of Perpetual Help Las Piñas Campus, there are lots of pending files, I'll just follow up, just wait for it, no assurance when is the release.. if I want, I'll just file a complaint...blah blah blah!  Whatthef_ _ _k!

Based on your Grade School Student Handbook. All refunds are paid in check to the enrollee after at least one week but not exceeding a processing of two weeks. So you better stick to your policy!

I paid his tuition in full! That is PhP32,510! I allotted that money for the education of my child! Give what is due to us! 

Be true to your handbook! Don't give me some alibis!

Kung ganyan, talagang masasabi ko na ang school nyo... BULOK NA SISTEMA, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE PA!

You wasted our time, effort and resources!

It breaks my heart whenever I hear my son singing a song (with action) he learned in school. Flipping through pages in his books, practice tracing... He is also confused why he doesn't go to school, why does his school service doesn't fetch him anymore. He also uttered these words "School, Teacher, Happy" he said those words but his face is sad. 

He really wanted to go to school.

It is so hard to explain for a 4 year old child why is this happening to him. It hurts me BIG TIME!

I am writing this also to share awareness to other PARENTS AND STUDENTS that by any chance they experience the same incident, they might want to stand up and speak up as well. I know this might cause a bad publicity to your school but such customer complaint will surely improve the school  itself. Hopefully after reading this letter you may consider putting a full stop, and not a comma, to incidents like this.

And to everyone who's reading this right now, some of you will surely bash me for this but it really won't help. It was NOT YOU who EXPERIENCE THE STRESS AND PAIN FOR YOUR CHILD. I'm just so disappointed.


Rhodora Espiritu-Valdez
Nanay ni Luigi

UPDATE: Last night, July 8 at 9:30 PM, Dr. Rayel, Ms. Lea Chua and Ms. Rose went to our house to give me the refund PhP26,510.00 in cash. According to them, they really wanted to stick to their "policy". I received it because that is our money. They also apologized for what happened to my son. Apology accepted.


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