Kinder Zoo Jungle Adventure: a fun and interactive experience with endangered animals

Our family is adventurous. Loves to go on a trip. And because we are animal lovers, one of our favorite activities is going to a zoo. 

Last August 23, 2014, I was invited to a media event to experience the fun at Kinder Zoo. I brought along my family. It is also a unique and adventurous Saturdate for us.
Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle is a Private Zoological & Theme Park inside the facility of Manila zoo along Adriatico Street corner Quirino Avenue in the City of Manila

The media event is about highlighting two of its famous residents to the media... The Tortoise and the Hyacinth Macaw.

Nanay Rhodora and Luigi at the KZAJ entrance

Guest were entertained by the DJ's of DZME 1530 Radyo Uno

Pocholo "The Voice Master" Gonzales was also there. He gave us a sample of his stints. If you are a kid of the 80's this would make you smile...He is the voice behind "Pong Pagong" and "Kiko Matsing"! Yes BATIBOT! 

We also found out that he is the brand ambassador of Kinder Zoo.
Pocholo Gonzales, the voice master and Mr.T

And the highlight of the event, Mr. T! Let me give you a background of Mr.T :

Sulcata tortoise
The 50 year old “Mr. T” (Sulcata tortoise) is a land dwelling turtle. The sulcata will live over 100 years old and its shell will grow to over 1 meter in length and weigh over 40 kilos. These tortoises eat grass, plants and cactus. 
Unlike turtles, these tortoises are not shy and actually look forward to being with humans. You can feed a sulcata in Kinder Zoo. Watch how he easily breaks a carrot in two. Just be careful of his sharp beak. But he will not bite on purpose.

everyone loves Mr. T

Mr.T is so big and so likot! My mom is so amazed with Mr.T.

Luigi was able to touch Mr.T!

Guess who is the next star of the show?

It's baby T!

Everyone wants to hold this cute tiny creature
image courtesy of Nooget Lifestyle Photography

Here's another highlight in the media event. If you have watched Rio the Movie, then you must be familiar with this parrot.

Hyacinth Macaw
These macaws are the largest Macaw or largest flying parrot in the world. It is a parrot native to Brazil. These parrots are considered endangered numbering approximately 4000 in the wild. Hyacinth macaws are known as the clowns of the parrot family due to its yellow skin that looks like they are constantly smiling and their natural disposition of being inquisitive and playful. You can experience feeding these wonderful creatures. Just be careful of their beak. They are so powerful with a crushing strength of 3000 lbs. per inch. Your finger will be like a matchstick to them.
TRIVIA: These 7 macaws have been in a big aviary for the past 5 years to make them grow and mature. Sometime this year, Kinder Zoo will no longer display the macaws who have paired up and will set them up for breeding it its new breeding facility. Kinder zoo and Adventure Jungle's advocacy is to breed these endangered animals.

GMA 7 interviews the Manager of the Kinder Zoo

image courtesy of Nooget Lifestyle Photography

My popcy seems to enjoy this moment

spell H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S with my Mama Sally

Oh! It seems my sister is having a conversation with this lovely creature



image courtesy of Nooget Lifestyle Photography

Luigi wanted to hold this too but the weight is heavy for his tiny arms


Albino Snake

I could say that our family is so lucky for letting us experience a different kind of fun and adventure!

SOUVENIR. Feather of Hyacinth Macaw
Thank you Ms. Grace Bondad Nicolas for inviting us to this event.

Kulitan with Atit Japs Espiritu-Azur
These beautiful images were captured by the extremely patient and amazingly talented Japs Azur
to book Japs Azur, get in touch with her through its Facebook page 
Nooget Lifestyle Photography ” or through email

Since I became a Mom and having Luigi, I became more active, patient, open minded, and adventurous. I also experience the fun and joy of being a Mom. Seeing my son happy and amazed with what he saw in the Kinder Zoo... PRICELESS! Thank you for letting him experience to touch, learn and understand our friendly animals up close and personal! Thank you Ms. Grace Nicolas for inviting us to this event.

Kinder Zoo is located inside Manila Zoo at the corner of M. Adriatico (Main Entrance), and Quirino Avenue and A. Mabini Street. 

Contact numbers: 522-6179 or 475-5775

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