Azalea Residences Baguio: Experience Holiday Haven in the City of Pines

Where to stay in Baguio for you and your family? Try the Azalea Residences Baguio and experience holiday haven in the City of Pines!

Azalea Residences Baguio is the home of the media during the Tree Top Adventure Press Conference

Me and my family were so tired after the delayed trip, long hours of travel and traffic just to get to Baguio. I admit, everyone of us is kinda irritated. But as soon we set foot at Azalea, saw its facade... everyone of us said "WOW!"

Although I did some online research about Azalea, it is very different when you see, experience and discover it in person, UP CLOSE!

The bellboys welcomed and greeted us with a smile, carried our luggage, assisted my mom (plus points) and closed the door of our cab. Wow! It's cold in Baguio but we already felt the warmth of the Azalea's staff. 

I love this wooden wall art detail

The receptionist smiled and told us where and what room we are going to stay for the couple of days. It is not my first time in Baguio, but this is the first time that I will be having a vacation with my family in Baguio so this experience is new and special for all of us. 

Our family's experience in Azalea is wonderful! Allow me to share it with you.


We stayed in a family suite room. It has cozy and comfortable accommodation. What I like about this  suite room is that it has living, dining and kitchen facilities. It's like home away from home with a twist of luxury holiday haven. A family must-try when in Baguio.

Cozy living room.


Our room

After the successful Tree Top Adventure Press Conference, we hurriedly go back to Azalea to get rest. We really need to recharge for our next adventure. Glad we achieved it! We so love our family suite.


Lovin' the weather and climate in Baguio + Family bonding + Quality time  + Luxury hotel =  EXTREME REST and RELAXATION.

kulitan with Luigi in our balcony

my sister Japs Azur of Nooget Lifestyle Photography lovin' the magic hour in Baguio

My mom enjoyed this place so much.


Oh, by the way! Azalea has a playground too! My son found new friends here. This place is a holiday haven for kids too!


Azalea Hotels and Residences has a bar and coffee shop. A must try if you want to chill and HOHOL (Hang Out Hang Out Lang) with your family and friends.

Just chillin' at Eight Degrees Lounge while waiting for other bloggers. 

My VIP in my life. Junior Citizen Luigi and Senior Citizen Mama Sally. 


Dinner. We had a Pizza and Pasta Buffet dinner for Saturday night.


Breakfast here is worth a try. Everything here is a comfort food. It's  like a home away from home with a twist of Pinoy Luxury Breakfast. All you wanted for breakfast is here!

My son is a picky eater. He only eats home cooked meals. That is why we are so happy when he likes the foods at Tradisyon. It's like a "LUIGI Friendly Meal!"

Choose what fresh juice you want

Thank you Azalea Residences Baguio for letting my family experience Extreme Rest + Extreme Relaxation. This is the best Baguio experience for all of us. Family bonding at its best! Actually, my son really wanted to extend our stay here because he enjoyed our room, food, playground... everything! but we have to go back to Manila because of my work schedule. But will definitely go back here. One of these days. :)

Visit Azalea Residences Baguio and remember moments and adore Baguio
once more.

For inquiries, please call Hotel Reservations Direct Line at (074) 424 8716 or (074) 424
8166 or Manila Reservations at (02) 450 1151 or (0917) 861 1641 or (0919) 994 4140 or email or visit

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