How this brave dog save a life by donating his blood

Hi everyone! Meet Gomer, the brave dog who just donated his blood to save a life of another dog. 

Just like people, dogs sometimes need a blood transfusion and rely on donors to help. 

When my sister Japs, read a post on Facebook that a pet owner is looking for a blood donor because a 9 year old shih tzu needs to undergo blood transfusion due to ehrlichiosis, (definition: Ehrlichiosis is a bacterial illness transmitted by ticks that causes flu-like symptoms),  her heart was touched in the post so she immediately contacted the pet owner if her dog can be a blood donor and they agreed on the terms. 

Just to give you a short background, Japs and Francois #TeamAzur has 3 healthy, active and smart dogs. They are not pure bred, they are AsPins (Asong Pinoy) but still, these dogs are loved. These dogs gives emotional benefit as that of a human friendship. 

Tisoy, Edgar & Gomer

Gomer at 2 months old
Shower in the rain

Just like other dogs, Gomer is also naughty. One time he chewed Japs' grading sheets! Oh my!

Going back, how do dogs donate blood? What is the process? 

First, They visited King's Road, a veterinary clinic in Daang Hari, Bacoor Cavite to have Gomer tested for CBC. An initial blood screening tests on dog to confirm blood type and ensure that they have no underlying health issues. 

waiting for his veterinary with Popcy

Tests are reviewed and approved by veterinarian because not everyone can be a donor. They need to have a universal blood type and a calm demeanor. Luckily, Gomer was approved! He can donate blood.

By the way, before the blood letting, Japs talked to Gomer that he would become a hero because he is going to save someone's life. 

Assistant Vet and Gomer

It only takes 20-30 minutes to donate. Good thing Gomer is calm. 

The assistant vet wraps his body in a secure hug, while the vet shaves a small spot on his neck and draws the blood. 

During the procedure, they gave Gomer as much attention, hugs and petting as he can stand. 

They gave them fluids after the procedure to prevent from being weak or having a drop in blood pressure. 

The procedure is smooth. Good job Gomer! We are so proud of you! You are indeed a brave dog. A hero dog. 

Japs and Gomer

I am proud of you Japs and Francois aka #TeamAzur
 (Gomer's master). Donating your furry family member's blood is a lifesaving gift to a dog who desperately need it. 

To you Pam, I admire you for being there for your pet Chubby. We will pray that he will get well soon. Please update us on Chubby's condition okay? 

Thank you also to King's Road for taking good care of Gomer. 

Donating for animals is a nice thing to do, just like donating blood to help other people is a nice thing to do. God bless to all animal lovers!

Francois and his 3 dogs: Edgar, Gomer and Tisoy

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