When "sablay" means "tagumpay": UP SLIS Class of 2018 iNVICTUS

"Sa gitna ng poot at hinagpis
At sa nangingilabot na lagim,
Mga banta ng panahong darating,
Walang takot ang makikita sa ‘kin."
-INVICTUS ni William Ernest Henley

Invictus, meaning “unconquerable” or “undefeated” in Latin, is a poem by William Ernest Henley.

Truly, the UP SLIS class of 2018 best describes the word iNVICTUS: Resistance, Persistence.

Blood, sweat and tears to achieve this sablay. (I'll be writing my journey in my next blog.)

Thank you to our Professors who patiently guide us and motivates us to fulfill our dream. Hindi biro ang naging journey natin. Mahirap pumasok sa UP, pero mas mahirap lumabas.

24 MLIS graduates (the biggest in the history) with UP SLIS Professors

Ngiting tagumpay!

It was such an emotional recognition rites. We thought kami lang iiyak, pero pati si Dean Kate Obille, advisers, professors, slis staff, parents and guest lumuha din. Tears of Love and Joy!

Each one of us has a story of survival. And I am proud to say that I survived UP. Thank you Dean Kate for pushing me when I was about to give up. 

"Go forth and make a difference" - Dr. Dilgit Singh

with Prof. Yhna Santos, my ever supportive and patient adviser na #gising24oras
and Prof. Rhea Apolinario who is one of my inspiration to finish this masters degree

with Prof. Iggor Cabbab, one of my LODI in UP SLIS

Thank you to our families, friends, classmates, UP SLIS staff, and colleagues who are always there to support us.

Congratulations Mama and Popcy for graduating M.A. in Parenting

Thank you Luigi for your patience and support during mommy's studies

Japs, thank you for capturing every special moments in my life

Thank you Best Gibs for always being there for me and my family. parang nakagraduate ka din M.A. in Friendship

Thank you Mikee Punzalan Espiritu for being there for me and Luigi while I am doing my paper.

Ngiting tagumpay. Hindi na ngiting alanganin! Ang mga maiingay sa GC na ever supportive at walang iwanan!

And most of all, God Almighty, His mercy was with me throughout my life. I thank Him for enlightening my soul with love and compassion for other people and allowing me to enter a field where I could my practice this desire.

Ako po si Rhodora Diongson Espiritu,
saan man ako makarating, ay hindi magbabago ang damdamin.

Congratulations class of 2018!

P.S. Thank you Japs Espiritu Azur of Nooget Lifestyle Photography for capturing the UP SLIS Recognition Rites 2018


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