Just When I thought I was done

It’s 10 in the evening. The baby is sleeping. Yes! I place him in bed and give him a kiss good night. Finally, me time!

Oh wait, his nails are getting longer. Let me get the nail trimmer. Snip, snip. Done! Finally, me time!

Oh wait, he’s got a little bite on his arm. Let me grab my first aid gel. Dab, dab. Done! Finally, me time!

Oh wait, there’s laundry on the floor. I might slip on a dirty shirt in the middle of the night. Fold, fold. Done! Finally, me time!

Oh wait, his books are all over the place! I can’t stand the disorder. Pile, pile. Fix, fix. Done! Finally, me time!

Oh wait, he’s stirring in his sleep. The baby wants a midnight snack. Nurse, nurse. Done! Finally, me time!

It’s 1 in the morning. I freak out. Only a couple more hours and I have to wake up for work! I fall asleep.

It’s 5 in the morning. My boy is still sleeping. Finally, me time! I rush to the closet and prepare my clothes for the day. I imagine the feel of a cold shower in the cold morning. I can’t wait.

Oh wait, the baby is awake! He’s hungry too! I bolt into the shower for a short bath, get dressed quickly, nurse the baby, leave for work.

Just when I think I have my ME time, something else comes up. I guess ME time will have to wait!

Me & Luigi at the Avida Clubhouse
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