SMILE Nicole!

QUESTION: What do you expect of a librarian who is also a traveller?
ANSWER: Brings a book/magazine and reads wherever she goes (bus station, beach, flight...)

Hmmmm... how true

While watching the sunset as our plane take off at Caticlan airport, I am wondering on my next destination, where would that be? Hmmm.. would that be CDO, Mindoro, Palawan...then I remember Nicole Rudio who advised me just last week that I should try to visit Ilocos and she will tour me to Adams. (would that for free?!) Hehe! Sounds great! Hmmm... I'll be thinking about that!

I was reading Jodi Picoult's "House Rules" when I spotted the Cebu Pacific's magazine.

Hmmm... I should pose like this lady. Next time, I'll give it a try. Or maybe, I should tag along my sister, my personal and official photographer. With her,  I could pose like a pro and she can do magic!

As I flip through the pages, I started dreaming to go and visit many places. I'll start with the Philippines first. We have lots of beautiful places here in our country. And I am proud of that. Then I start to wonder when that would be hopping from one island to another. That would be... FUN and ADVENTURE!

As I flip... LAOAG... ohh! So this is the place my friend kept mentioning to me. When... I saw a face of this lady and the name....why is she familiar to me?

I have to take a closer look! Whoa! It's Nicole Rudio! One of the members of ZEPNERC! Who happens to be my childhoood friend! Hahaha! I'm proud of you my friend! One day, I'll be texting or sending you a message when I will visit your beautiful place. I'm looking forward for that to happpen.
This blog is for you. I miss you Nicole!


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