Kuwentong Nanay. Reading is More Fun with our Mothers around!

In my previous blogs, I shared to you my journey as a Mom. One way to connect with my son is through reading and storytelling with him. We read books every night before going to sleep. I am Booklover, while my son is my little Bookworm!  As a Librarian, and as a Storyteller to the young ones and young at heart.. I would like to recommend the local children's literature / storybooks which is all about values of children to their mother. Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!

Story by Edgar Samar
Illstrations by Russell Molina

Darna is a Filipino superheroine, not unlike Wonder Woman. It tells the story of an Overseas Filipino Worker, working as a baby sitter in Hong Kong. It tells of the reality of Filipinos needing to live away from family just so they can provide for their family’s material needs.
The story is told in an engaging and light manner. Through the story, adults and children alike can have a better appreciation of the sacrifices that OFWs make. This story is made for kids up to the ages of 7 to 10.


Illstrations by Beth Parrocha-Doctolero

The book tells about a mother who shows her untiring and unfailing love for her family. She works all day and it has turned her hands as rough as sandpaper. This distresses the little girl, upon hearing her aunt saying that her mother's hands may cause her father of leaving them. But in the end, the little girl realizes how much effort and love her mother puts in every task she does for her and their whole family. It shows how every rough times can be smoothened out by a mother's love.

Story by Grace Chong
Illustrations by Kora Dandan-Albano

Did you ever feel ashamed of your own mother?
Mayang did. Just because her mother wears no lipstick. Many times Mayang wished her mother would look smarter and be something else. It took a dangerous incident to make Mayang see her mother's strength, heroism and true beauty. No Lipstick for Mother is a moving story that will make you love your mother more.

Story by Segundo D. Matias, Jr.
Illustrations by: Beth Parrocha-Doctolero
There is no day or hour when Nicole is not with her mommy. Ever since she can remember, it was always the two of them together, everywhere.
But Nicole's mommy is fat. Her arms and legs are plump, and her tummy is ripply, like a squishy ball. She is not sexy as the mommies of Nicole's classmates.
What could she do so that her mommy would become sexy, too?
Find out in this story how Nicole's mommy becomes sexy in her own eyes.

Story by Segundo D. Matias, Jr.
Illustrations by: Kora Dandan Albano
There is a mother telling a story. She says it began with an incomprehensible feeling--- a feeling of restlessness, constant fatigue, sleepiness. The doctor said she was carrying a child in her womb.
Read in this story how a child is born into world, with a mother's unconditional love.

sapatos ni mommyMOMMY'S SHOES
Story by Segundo D. Matias
Illustrations by Kora Dandan-Albano
Every Sunday, with their mommy, siblings Luigi and Chie always go to mall. If they are not shopping for toys,
they are at timezone playing. But once they get to Jollibee to eat, their mommy never orders anything for herself.
And the pair of shoes their mommy always examines and tries on for size at the shoe store, she has not bothered to buy. What could be the reason?
Read in this story how Luigi and Chie discover how much their mother loves them.

superwoman si mommyMOMMY IS SUPERWOMAN!
Story by Segundo D. Matias
Illustrations by Ghani Madueño
Mommy Doris is well known in town because she does manicures and pedicures.
She is also popular of her big bayong filled with items she sells on installment basis. But she can also do better. As a mother, Mommy Doris has a quality that makes her capable of providing anything her children need.
Read in this story why Mommy Doris is really awesome.

Story by Segundo D. Matias, Jr.
Illustrations by Rowen Agarao
At their age, children are prone to various illnesses. In this story, the main character suffers from different sicknesses and ailments—which are integral stages in her growing-up years.
Find out in this story what the best medicine is for children’s ailments, and who alone in the world can provide it.

Story by Segundo D. Matias, Jr.
Illustrations by Ray-Ann Bernardo
Joseph’s acquaintances who are his age always shout or cry “Mommy, Mommmy!” whenever they are attacked by wasps, sideswiped by a tricycle, could not get down a tree they have climbed or presume they have seen a goblin.
What is the matter with them? Joseph wonders to himself. They do nothing but cry for their mothers every time they get scared of something.
But when a storm rages and their school gets flooded, and Joseph is put in danger, he also learns to utter the words:
“Mommy, Mommmy!”

Story by Segundo D. Matias, Jr.
Illustrations by Zeus Bascon
In class, Agnes is the best in their Math and English subjects. She is also at the top of the honor roll. All her certificates are framed and hung on the wall by her mother.
But despite the honors Agnes is garnering, she is still envious of her classmates. Her classmates have yaya s, but she has none!
Read in this story how Agnes finds out what she has is greater than a yaya .

Story by Segundo D. Matias, Jr.
Illustrations by Ghani Madueño
Teresa says her mother is unreasonably persistent, always repeating her words. “Oh, this kid!” “Didn't your teacher scold you?” “Didn't you get caught in the rain?” “If you're going to play with your brother and sister, don't go too far away.” “Come home before sunset.” Sometimes Teresa asks herself: “Doesn't Inay have anything else to say?” She thinks her ears are starting to hurt from the constant reminders and queries.
Read in this story how Teresa realizes her mother's repetitious nature is but a manifestation of a mother's love for her child.


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