My Baby Bookworm

Holding his 1st book at 3 months old.
Growing up, books were a constant companion in our home. There were books in all corners of the house, piled one on top of another like organized clutter.

The whole family was big on reading. I’d go through my Mama’s religious books, health and wellness books, my Papa’s inspirational books, and eventually built my own collection of books. While they were mostly bubblegum reading at first (think Sweet Valley and Archie comics), I’m happy my parents indulged me because it still helped build my love for reading. Then again maybe they let me read those because I balanced it out with the Nancy Drew mysteries and Childcraft encyclopedias I lapped up too.

It fills my heart then that at a very early age, I can tell my son has a love for books. Place a toy and a book before him, and he’ll go for the book. If he’s fretful, give him a book and he’ll be occupied for a long time. If he wants to play, he’ll reach for a book. While he does play with his toys, books seem to interest him more. Sometimes he’d want you to read it to him; sometimes he can pore through the book on his own.

I’d say that Luigi loves to read, but of course I can’t, as he doesn’t know how yet. Perhaps the illustration of words fascinates him, as he gravitates to even books without pictures. Newspapers and menus hold his attention too, and he never fails to look seriously interested in what they present to him.

Luigi's 1st tactile/board book
How could his love affair with words have started? Reading to him while he was in my womb could have started this youngster’s love for words. Maybe it was my reading aloud to him as early as a month old. He got an earful not only of children’s takes, but of young adult books like “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins and “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks. Lately I’ve been reading Library Management books (of course for my thesis!) to him, while of course omitting some technical and boring parts! Maybe the bookworm trait is just innate to him, just like most of his family. Naturally, they, we, are all elated!

I never leave home without a book. And now, I never leave home without TWO books — one for me, one for Luigi. It’s fun knowing I share an interest with my child. Reading to him, and understanding that he listens, is a priceless moment I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Our home still has books in all corners, and now there are even more! Baby books are in every room — in his crib, in his play corner, on the dining table, on his high chair … Sure the piles of books may have increased, but so has the happiness at home.

This small boy is big on reading, and what a joy that is!

Luigi visits De La Salle Zobel library.

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