Perwoll Brilliant White Liquid Detergent: Keeping Whites Nice and Bright with Style

  • I love fashion. I love wearing nice clothes.
  • I love wearing black at work. But when I am with my son, I experiment with different colors. When we go out, our favorite color is white. I guess, because it is refreshing to our eyes. And there is a "clean" feeling if we wear white. 
  • In choosing the right laundry detergent, my concern is it should be Mommy-friendly gentle on hands and it's detergent ingredients is safe on sensitive skins (I've been allergic to some laundry detergent).
  • I am meticulous when it comes to clothes. So I am the one who do the laundry. I make it a point to remove the dirt without harming its colors.
  • My family's favorite laundry detergent is Perwoll. We've been using it since 2009. We've been using Perwoll Black, Brilliant White, Color and Baby.

  • But how do I maintain the brightness of our white clothes? Very simple. Do the Laundry 101.
  • The best way to wash whites so they will remain bright white is to wash white clothes separately.
  • Normally, whites are the smallest laundry load and people tend to throw a few pieces of white clothing in with the rest of the laundry, that's where the dinginess comes from on whites. Colors fade in the wash water, dirt is in the wash water, white clothing attract both like a magnet.
  • Sort the laundry, putting whites in a separate pile, then sort through the pile of dirty white laundry to group like fabrics and soil levels together. Wash white towels, wash clothes, dish clothes, white socks and similar white items together in hot water.
  • Also, I always use Perwoll Brilliant White
  • Like magic, Perwoll White detergent actually re-news white fabrics with each wash for a bright white like new look. Great for all white clothes and all kinds of fabrics from cotton, wool & silk to synthetic fibers.

    Thanks to the innovative Re-new White Effect Formula even already greyish white can get white like new again!

    For best results load washer no more than half full with dosage for soft to hard water as follows: 75 ml for lightly soiled clothes, 105 ml for medium soiled clothes and 135 ml for heavily soiled clothes.
  • Here's some of me and my son's pictures in white clothes.

Image courtesy of  Green Lens Photo Studio
Image courtesy of  Green Lens Photo Studio

Image courtesy of  Green Lens Photo Studio
Image courtesy of  Green Lens Photo Studio

  • Perwoll Brilliant White is my perfect choice for our white clothes because it has Fiber rebonding technology prevents colors from fading and remove the grey appearing fabrics. 
  • This environmental-friendly product is imported from Germany and made by a trusted brand Henkel.


To all Moms, try to use Perwoll Brilliant White Liquid Detergent. It has concentrated formula with Re-new Effect. It re-news white fabrics.

Perwoll Brilliant White Liquid Detergent Keeping Whites Nice and Bright with style!

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