Residence Inn and Paradizoo in Tagaytay City : a ZOOrific experience

Children learn by doing. They remember what they have personally experienced.

My son is fascinated with animals. But he can only see them through books, pictures and films. We've been planning to visit the Zoo (Actually, Manila Zoo) but due to weather condition and the distance from our home... I am hesitant. So when Ms. Grace Bondad-Nicolas informed us that the 2LaBS team will visit the Residence Inn and Paradizoo. And it is near our place... I confirmed my attendance.

I excitedly told Luigi that we will be going to the zoo. Z for ZOO!

As soon, as we alight the bus... My son saw horses... He said "H! H - Horse! Horse! Horse!". He is excited to go near the horse.  But when we are getting nearer and nearer... He was becoming afraid... :(

The horse in reality is big. Sayang! I wasn't able to capture his reaction hahaha!


If you're looking to spend quality time on a weekend with your family. Go to Residence Inn. There are tons of activities you can do such as zip line, wall climbing, take photographs and enjoy the cold weather in Tagaytay.

Most of the wild animals can be seen at the Residence Inn.

Here's some of the few photos that I took

Luigi:  "Nanay, BIG CAT... BIG - BROWN - STRIPE - CAT... BIG!"
Me: "Anak, that's a Tiger. T for Tiger"
Huge tiger. My son was surprised how big the tiger is!

My son easily identified this animal. funny thing is, this monkey knows how to pose in front of the camera.
Luigi: "M - Monkey! Monkey!"
Mr. Monkey strikes a pose

There are lots of wild animals that you may find at the Residence Inn. But I wasn't able to shoot it. Sorry!


Paradizoo is a fun way for kids and kids at heart to get friendly with animals. Paradizoo is more of a farm than a regular zoo, so it's like FARMVILLE come to life.

We were greeted by Ms. Marlina, the manager of the Paradizoo. Here's the 2LaBs team with our kids for the photo op.

We are refreshed with the Lemon Grass Tea given by the staff of Paradizoo. We love those glasses. Familiar? Yes! It's a jar from Sandwich Spread. I could say that Paradizoo is environment-friendly. :)
Lemon Grass tea

When my son saw these creatures...he immediately wanted to touch and feel the fluffy creatures. He doesn't know the name of these creatures. I said "Anak, that's Rabbit. R-Rabbit"

I find it hard to get Luigi off the Rabbits. He wants to take home those rabbits! Hahaha!
Rabbit. My son wants to take them home!

We also saw different kinds of goats and sheeps.
Dorper sheep

... and the famous five-legged cow... only in Paradizoo!
Five legged cow

Paradizoo is also a haven to all plant and flower lovers. :)
Garden Flowers

If Hongkong has Mickey Mouse... Paradizoo has Mickey Mouse plants.
Mickey Mouse plant

Paradizoo is like a paradise to me and my kid
Run Luigi run!

Paradizoo has a Butterfly Farm too! When we got inside the farm, my son stopped...  and just looked at those butterflies.... he is amazed of butterflies in their different colors flying.
This is how Luigi's reaction when he saw butterflies! 

B for Butterfly!

B for Bee! There is also a Bee Farm. I got curious with this FYI.... Einstein once said that...

H for Hexagon. Huh? At first, I didn't get why my son keeps on saying "hexagon..." Then the staff approach us he said "Yeah, that's right. that's hexagon, the shape of honeycomb cells in bee hives

There is also a cemetery for pets. How I wish I should have known this a long time ago so that we can visit our departed pets.
Perpetual Park cemetery
My son did not want to leave. Needless to say we will be returning to the zoo very soon to visit his new buddies.

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