Letter from a Reader : Blog Post for Luigi

July 9, 2014

image courtesy of children.com

Hello Good day!

I believe Luigi is a bright and a genius boy. My youngest son also shows the same behavioral patterns. We had him in a regular class but his teacher which is also his Tita told that my son is uncontrollable in the sense that he behave differently compared to his classmates. Behaving differently doesn't mean negatively. Look at Albert Einstein and many other famous People with Learning Disabilities they do have the same behavioral patterns.

It is just a matter of discovering what our child wants/interested with. Usually they are too specific to areas where they will excel. That's what a genius is.

You may also want to explore other options regarding his education.

I am writing you this email to show support moms like you parents that will support their sons no matter what now this has gone viral.

Prof. Joselito R. Lacuarin
Jimma University

PS: I was reading this website from the Virginia Military Institute you might to check this out. it's inspiring.
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