My Top 10 Picks for Emerging Influential Blog 2014

I've been blogging for two (2) years now and I admit that blogging changes my life. I became vocal on what I wanted, my thoughts and opinion. I met different people and most of all, people who influenced me in a digital world. 

There are lots of blogs nowadays, but only few made an impact for me.

This year, I wanted to support new blogs. You may also vote for your Emerging Influential Blogs 2014.

Here's my Top 10 Picks for Emerging Influential Blog 2014

1. Mommy Bloggers Philippines - personally, this is my Top 1. I started blogging when I became a Mom. I learned so much from reading Mommy blogs. I had an opportunity to talk at iBlog9 because of of my interest on the Rise of Mommy bloggers in the Philippines. More power to Mommy bloggers!

2. Tweensel Mom - I read many blogs about Mom, most of them, new moms, new parents. So a blog about parenting for tweens is unique for. me.

3. Pinions and Plumage of Love - I like reading blogs on Mommies who share their stories on blessings, greatness and beauty. 

4. Dizkarteng Nopyi - I like this blog who talks about financial literacy. Note that the language use is in Tag-Lish or Eng-Log which is so Pinoy.

5. Matakaw na Bata - I met the blogger behind this blog and I like her. a lot! I like his food adventure and experience. Definitely a must read for food lovers.

6. Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): The Game of Life - OFW is our modern day super hero. I salute the bloggers behind this blog. Continue inspiring Filipinos here and abroad.

7. Quite Simple Bits - A must read for those who wanted to live a practical, simple and sustianaible lifestyle.

8. Raket Hub - I am a 'Raketera" myself. Thanks for sharing informative tips to raket more. :)

9. Profitblitz  - I am new to this online thing. So a blog like this would help me learn more to maximize my talent online.

10. Jewelled Kitchen - I am certified food lover. This blog will help moms like me to learn more on cooking.

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