How to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Luigi

It's Feb-ibig month. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

As Heart's day is fast approaching, I started to think about how Valentine's Day hasn't been about me in a long time. As a single parent, that day would be all about my son, my most important person in my life and that is LUIGI. 

Valentine and single motherhood is fun because I have a little adventurous guy to sneak with. 

February is our favorite month because it is actually his birth month (he is turning 7 by the way!) that is why we have all the reasons to celebrate this LOVE month.

Here's our 5 things to do on Valentine's Day

1. Go to Tagaytay

Tagaytay is a popular holiday town south of Manila. This is a perfect place for us because of its cool and breezy climate. We can relax, unwind and be one with nature. Luigi loves this place so much because of its fresh air and the sight of the Taal volcano makes him relax. God is so good! He created such a breathtaking sceneries to feast our eyes onto. 

2. Buy organic fruits and vegetables at Mahogany Market

Drop by at Mahogany market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Because we are health conscious, we will  buy organic foods. 

3. Go crazy and senti at Twin Lakes

Do some crazy stuffs like riding the elevator for the nth time. (It's like a joy ride for us. Call us crazy but that's US!). I think we will do and discover more crazy stuffs as we journey together.

Mom and son talk. Storytelling. Trivia. All the things we can talk about under the sun. By the way, every words he would say is so special for me. I think most of us in our family do this: Whenever he talk, we all stop to listen. To listen and understand. To understand and later explain what is the word... Use the word in a sentence. (Hey, we are working on his vocabs!). We are work in progress. 

4. Dress up as Team Nintendo

Mario and Luigi comes alive! While most people will wear red, we will dress up as Team Nintendo. 

TRIVIA: Luigi's name comes from:
1. a fictional character featured in video games released by Nintendo
2. Italian baby name. famous warrior. Luigi is an alternate form of Louis (French, Old German)

5. Dinner at Bag of Beans

We'll top off the night with our favorite food: Pizza and milkshake.

To me, Valentines' Day is a special day to celebrate the people you love, that love you back. Like, for REAL. Valentine's day is not only for those who have romantic partners. You can also celebrate it with your kids, friends, families and to the people who matters most.

Happy Valentine's Day and spread the LOVE everyone!

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