Oppo F1s: Valentine's Dream Date

Valentine's Day. The day of celebrating romantic love. But for me, Valentine's day takes on a whole new meaning to me. No more candle light dinners, flowers and romantic date nights. As a single mom,  Valentine's date doesn't need a man because I have LUIGI, my little one to snuggle up with. 

This Valentine's Day, our dream date is to have  "quality time" together.

Looking for fun stuff to do with your kiddos? Check out the 6 fun ways mom and son celebrate the day.

1. Dress up as Team Nintendo

This is pure fun! We love, laugh and enjoy doing things together. I'm talking about mother and son, one of the loveliest relationship on earth. So in order to celebrate this relationship, we will dress up as Mario and Luigi aka Team Nintendo (This is our theme for 2017). We really love this cute theme. 

Why we love Nintendo theme? Simply because I'm a Nintendo gamer and my son's name is LUIGI!

2. Act silly, be crazy and have fun!

Run, Jump, Play...When are together, we are crazy, silly and weird. Life is too short to be serious all the time. 

3. Dance like no one's watching

"Dance like no one's watching" - William W. Purkey

I think this quotes means to be yourself; to act like everything is okay. Dance and have fun. This quote tells you to be happy and positive.

Weird fact about us: When a good song comes on, we start to dance. We don't care who's watching. Oh by the way, there's a little Italian dance that we like. It's Do the Mario in Just Dance 3. 

4. Watch and Listen to a Free Valentine Concert

Most of the malls and parks sponsors free concert that features love songs to serenade the public. It's a free evening of love, haunting and romantic melodies. Because the sound of music makes Luigi relax, we will sit back, watch and listen. 

5. Eat comfort food

Our favorite comfort food? Pizza and milkshake!

6. Cuddle

"Gusto ko kiss!" (I want kiss!) Those words coming from my son's mouth sounds sweet to my ears. Cuddling, snuggling, smiling, laughing and kissing. All the things we want to do when we are together.

While most of our moments together were taken by my sister (because she has a professional camera), I realized that I need not a professional camera to capture those moments. I just need a great smartphone to capture our favorite Valentines moment. I want OPPO F1s to capture the beauty of LOVE.  What I like most is its 16MP Front Camera and 13MP Rear Camera not only takes detailed shots, but also performs well in the dark areas making it as the perfect camera-phone to capture all our moments as we journey together.

To all the single parents, Valentine's day is a fun holiday. Choose to celebrate the love of God has given you. Use Valentine's day to bond with your children and do some fun and creative activities together. Make the day all about them.

Spread the LOVE everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! ❤❤❤

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