Let's paint the town RED!


It’s the color of L VE!

CANON Powershot Digital Camera
I prefer bright and medium reds, myself, more towards bright. Plus, I get compliments wearing red. I feel like red is my best color.

I wish bright red does not have to be so dang hard to find when it comes to everyday dresses. I can handle some shades of medium red, but I’m not into dark red much myself when it comes to wearing clothing. 

Why do I love this color? It's difficult to say really except that it seems to feed my soul. It's a warm, rich, and vibrant color.  It catches the eye and makes a bold statement.  Cool colors like blues and grays seem sad to me. Red and its variations seem alive to me and make me happy.

If your favorite color is RED, what kind of things it say about you?

  • A love of excitement
  • An admiration of high speed
  • A love of danger
  • Either you're an energetic person or you feel you need more energy
  • Either a strong desire for intense emotions, or often feeling intense emotions
  • Either being particularly bold or aspiring to this
  • A love of warmth
  • A strong preoccupation with the need to survive
  • Competitive
  • Very real and practical
  • A tendency to more spontaneous or an admiration of spontaneity

Here's my RED collection while in Cebu

RED OWL ring

Pedicure + Red nail polish + Lady in RED

Done! Here's my RED toenails

Let's paint my nails RED

Dining experience with the RED restaurant

Hmmm... smells and tastes good!
My RED bottle + RED "Laag laag bag"

RED drinks + RED fingernails

Laag laag sa Mango Avenue with my Favorite EHEADS shirt

RED "Laag laag bag" 

RED luggage with UP Maroon's bagtag

RED bottled water from ZUBU CHON

My thirst-quencher

My ever-reliable cellphone since 2007.

A soothing blend of menthol and mint combined with the sweetness of cherry

My red sneakers

How about you? What's your favorite color?