Searching for my Auntie Menchie

dining at Hukad, Ayala Terraces Cebu

Sometimes I think of tracing my roots. I wonder where are my relatives are because I only knew few of them. 

My mom and Tita Johncy (my closest auntie since birth) is always telling me that Tita Menchie is like this, like that.... All the good things describing her. But because of distance, we don't have a chance to meet and get to know each other personally. But at least I have an idea who she is, even a little bit.

Today, (September 2) at last! We meet each other in the Queen City of South! Her first words?.... "You really look like your Mama Sally!" Wow! That's a complement for me.

While dining at Hukad, Ayala Center Cebu, she showed me pictures of our relatives. Based on what I saw in the pictures, I can sense that they, I mean, WE have a happy and jolly clan! How I wish we could meet soon! I am looking forward for that to happen.

From waiting for me at the airport, dining,  prepping and pampering, up to dropping me off to place where I will be staying... This is one of my wonderful experiences for me. 

Maayo nga nagka-ila ta. Daghang Salamat Tita Menchie!

Red nail polish with the Red lady

Let's paint my nails RED (Jolly Barbers, Ayala Center,Cebu)