Huawei praises Elabram Systems Engineers for the job well done


Just recently, Elabram Systems received an email from their client (Huawei ) praising three of the Elabram Engineers for the great job done in their projects. The three Engineers are working here in the Philippines under Huawei for the two operators and they are Andrew Gabiosa, Melchor Barracas and Greg Bolaton. Idea is for the Filipinos to know that there are companies such as Elabram Systems who are helping them to have a good and better connections and that because of ever increasing of mobile phones consumers, the Telecommunication companies will expand too in no time and that good, empowered and skilled ECEs will be in demand for sure in the near future and that Filipinos are empowered and skilled and can make a difference.
Meet Elabram Systems Group and was established in 1999 in Malaysia. We have 26 footprints around the globe and business offices in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and in Philippines with core expertise in providing Network Planning Optimization (NPO), Talent Acquisition & Deployment (TAD), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
Introducing the manpower behind your good mobile and network connectivity, the people behind the optimization of network are all Electronic and Communication Engineers (ECE) who literally checking the signal of each cell sites, going up literally to the cell sites to move the antenna on top even it’s located on top of the mountain, monitoring the performance of each equipment at operators headquarters (Globe and Smart) and closely coordinating with the vendors; Huawei, ZTE, NSN, Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson, Digi, U Mobile…in other words, you will not have a good signal without Elabram Systems.

Our difference and success are based on the reliability, adaptability, expertise, on target as always in our projects and as the total on shore- off shore service provider. We own our growth to our clients who are given us the opportunity to prove our worth. We started as a Telecommunication Engineering and IT service provider specialized in Specialist Resource Provision, Project Management and Engineering Services of advance telecommunication in wireless network solutions but because of the trust of our partners and clients, we are now in our Offshore Outsourcing and Nearshore Outsourcing expansion in Indonesia and in the Philippines but we don’t settle, we are still looking for new opportunities in other countries.

Our clients demand quality solutions, ideas and competencies in all areas of wireless network solutions technology, and we take pride in providing them.
We owe our growth to many of our clients — global players in telecommunications equipment manufacturing and telecommunications operations — who have given us the opportunity to prove our worth in providing such solutions.

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