What's Your Love Vibe? : Capture LOVE and ROMANCE moments with Lenovo Vibe X

LOVE is in the AIR for this adventurous couple

"Kung tayo ay matanda na 
Sana'y 'di tayo magbago 
Kailanman, nasaan ma'y 
Ito ang pangarap ko "
(Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko by Rey Valera)

Isn't it amazing when you see an old couple holding hands as if this was the very first time they met? Still in love after so many years? It is something so lovely and endearing.

If there’s one adventure worth replicating over and over, it’s the one that lets you fly like a bird. The photo above shows how my parents enjoyed the Zip line in Tagaytay. My parents belong to the Senior Citizens Club and I am proud to say that the more they grow old... the more they became stronger physically (no joke!), more adventurous and more in love with each other.

It is inspiring. I adore them seeing hug, kiss and hold hands. I say to myself. "I want to be like that someday, with the one I love..."

Old couples gives me some faith that someone can love you forever. 

For their next Love Vibe adventure, I'd like to capture their LOVE and ROMANCE moments with the new Lenovo Vibe X from Lenovo Philippines

How about you? What's your LOVE VIBE?

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